UPS Services


ESCO is partnered with UPS as an Access Point for UPS customers in our neighborhood!

Services Hours:
Monday - Saturday   8:30AM to 8PM
         Sunday            10AM to 5PM

Note that services hours may change due to holiday or weather.

Picking up Packages:
 - Check above photo for ID requirements.
 - We are required to return your package(s) to UPS after 7 calendar days.
 - After we return, UPS driver will try one more time to deliver to your address. If they are unable to reach you, the package will be returned back to the sender.

Drop off Packages:
- Check beneath photo for requirements.
 - Note: We are not able to sell or print UPS labels
 - Check the photos below for the package size that we will accept. If your packages exceeds the area inside the yellow, we will not take it.

Length = 23 in = 58.42 cm
Width = 10.5 in = 26.67 cm
Height = 19 in  = 48.26 cm